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Using our creativity, our critical thinking, and our planning skillsto write and implement social studies units.

Upcoming Regional Social Studies Opportunities

We are educators, families, and communities working together to unpack the new Social Studies Frameworks. (Participant List)
Our commitment:
  • Our work will have integrity, both in terms of aligning with New York State‚Äôs Social Studies Curriculum expectations and in terms of aligning with our own collective beliefs about inclusive, affirming, relevant, and meaningful learning that leads to informed action.
  • We will include students, families, and community in this work from the outset, so that we increase the likelihood that we will create units that are inclusive, affirming, and relevant to us all, and that will promote meaningful civic engagement.

Students, families, community members, and educators representing every district in our region and representing diverse demographic backgrounds, including areas of economic security, race and ethnicity, place of residence, disability, sexual orientation, genders, etc. are invited to join the network at any time.

See What We've Accomplished

Primary Source Websites

Concrete examples to inspire this work
Increasing Early Literacy in Rural Communities
Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Task Force
MLK Community Build
Gen-I Native Youth Challenge
Speak Truth to Power
Dorothy Cotton Institute
Promise of Place
Human Rights Education Resource Center

New York State Resources
NYSED Common Core Social Studies Framework
C3 Framework (See below for audio version)
C3 Hubs - Multiple Resources
Field Guide
New York State K-12 Social Studies Update - Patricia Polan
Social Studies C3 Webpage
Social Studies Field Guide
Social Studies Toolkit
Social Studies Field Memo and other information

Listen to audio version of pages 17 - 19 in the C3 Framework:
Audio C3 Framework 1
Audio C3 Framework 2

Audio C3 Framework 3
Audio C3 Framework 4
Audio C3 Framework 5

Additional Resources
S.S. Matters
Teach Unicef
History Unbound
Cornell Center for International Studies
Culture-Generated Links
It's All About the Evidence
Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Resource Collection
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Burlington Geographic
Indiana Council for Economic Education
Kids Econ Posters
Creating an Identify Safe Classroom

Facing History Resources
The Reckoning: Understanding the International Criminal Court
Stitching Truth: Women's Protest Art in Pinochet's Chile
Teaching Reporter
What Do We Do With a Difference? France and the Debate Over Headscarves in Schools

Resources for Unit Planning Sessions
Basic Unit Plan Template
Inquiry Design Model Unit Plan Template
Culture Generated Links Chart
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Differentiation Supports
Culture-Generated Books, DVD's, etc.
Human Rights Education Declaration
Human Rights PowerPoint
United Way of Tompkins County Student Engagement