Leading and supporting school communities in their efforts to provide
the best possible learning environment for all students.

The following TST BOCES Board of Education goals are central to our work:
  • TST BOCES will be a viable and quality educational choice for services, as measured both by enrollment and by the degree to which our services reflect the most up-to-date research-based college-and career-ready curricular and service offerings that lead to successful learning outcomes for students.
  • TST BOCES will be the preferred provider of professional development, which is recognized for improving student learning outcomes, as measured by participation in direct professional development, requests for technical assistance, and a range of classroom impact data.

Regional Priorities 2015 - 2015
1F - Designing Student Assessmentpage 15
Good teaching requires both assessment of learning and assessment for learning.

2B - Establishing a Culture for Learningpage 20
“A culture for learning” refers to the atmosphere in the classroom that reflects the educational importance of the work undertaken by both students and teacher.

3B - Using Questioning and Discussion Techniquespage 31
Questioning and discussion are the only instructional strategies specifically referred to in the framework for teaching; this reflects their central importance to teachers’ practice.

3D - Using Assessment in Instructionpage 36
Assessment of student learning plays an important role in instruction; no longer does it signal the end of instruction; it is now recognized to be an integral part of instruction.

4E - Growing and Developing Professionallypage 50
As in other professions, the complexity of teaching requires continued growth and development, in order to remain current.

(Click here for a brief explanation of how we established these.)

Jennifer Astles - Steinmetz - Youth Development Coordinator (jastles@tstboces.org; Youth Development Wiki)
I lead a team of Youth Development Service Specialists and a Community Health Educator who provide component districts with services related to social, emotional and physical wellness. I also act as the Regional Dignity Act Coordinator for the TST BOCES Region; providing professional development, support and guidance related to creating a caring school climate and Dignity Act related issues.
A goal of the Youth Development Program is to increase our web presence and to incorporate more technology into our services.
Michele Barr - Clerk (illtst@tstboces.org)
I work with Jane O'Brien to support the School Library System program.
Lisa Bishop Oltz - Administrative Assistant (lbishopoltz@tstboces.org)
Cheryl Covell - Model Schools Program Data Analyst and TST BOCES Data Administrator (ccovell@tstboces.org; @covell)
I assist district administratorswith issues around data, assessment, technology, and APPR and provide regional and individual data reports for use in instrucional and programming decision making.
TBA - Service Specialist in the Youth Development Program (acullen@tstboces.org; Youth Development Wiki)
Barry Derfel - Assistant Superintendent for Instruction (bderfel@tstboces.org)
I coordinate the efforts of all members of the School Improvement Services team, as well as working directly with administrators, teachers, other educators, and community.
Beth Dryer - Regional Coordinator of Curriculum and Professional Development (bdryer@tstboces.org; Twitter: EmpowerEDPD)
I plan and implement a differentiated, literacy-focused professional development service for the BOCES and 9 component school districts. I assist districts with implementing the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and instructional shifts in ELA/Literacy (K-12), and I train teachers and administrators in collaborative instructional decision-making (DDI) protocols. I also provide ELA Scoring Leader training (grades 3-8; 11) and fulfill the duties of Regional Scoring Site Coordinator. I also facilitate the TST BOCES Literacy Leadership Professional Learning Community. In addition, I help our team use a wide range of student outcome data to coordinate our regional curriculum and professional development efforts.
Jennifer Gondek - Instructional Specialist for Inclusive Education (jgondek@tstboces.org; http://inclusiveed.wikispaces.com/)
I work with the TST BOCES component districts at the district, building, and classroom level to increase capacity to meet the needs of all learners, including students with disabilities. In addition, I support the regional priorities in literacy at the K-5 level by working collaboratively with our literacy instructional specialist, Beth Dryer.
Alicia Grey Youth Development Service Specialist (agrey@tstboces.org; 607-257-1551, ext. 1020; Twitter: Alicia@2bgunther;
Youth Development Wiki)

Services I provide: Candor: 1:1 student support & group facilitation; Trumansburg: High School group facilitation, Middle School social norms committee; Groton & South Seneca: Create and distribute Second Step newsletters three times a year for parents and teachers; Caroline & South Hill Elem.: Kindergarten health lesson. At some point during any given year I work with nearly every district we serve. We get requests throughout the year to provide professional development, health lessons, short term group facilitation etc.. The above are the schools that the bulk of my time is spent serving.
Jennifer Hillman - Community Health Educator (jhillman@tstboces.org; Youth Development Wiki)
I Support schools in Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Tioga and Tompkins counties as they develop, implement and enforce effective school wellness policies. My position is funded by New York State Department of Health Division of Chronic Disease Prevention as a part of the Healthy Schools New York (HSNY) program. HSNY is a network of 18 local agencies providing technical assistance and resources to schools and school districts in New York to develop, implement and support adherence to comprehensive school wellness policies for physical activity, physical education and nutrition. HSNY Coordinators focus efforts on Board of Education-approved wellness policies. This approach supporting NY DOH chronic disease prevention plan emphasizes changing systems and policies to create healthier environments for all school children in New York.
John Hind - Technology Integration Instructional Specialist (jhind@tstboces.org; Twitter: @JohnCHind)
I help teachers and administrators leverage technology to increase student engagement, improve learning outcomes, and promote 21st-century skills.
Sunshine Miller - Coordinator of Cooperative Enrichment
Sunny is responsible for supporting Exploratory Enrichment, Arts in Education, and Environmental Education.
Exploratory Enrichment focuses on supporting school-day opportunities for students in the areas of multicultural education, diversity education, and problem-based/project-based learning. This program also supports the TST BOCES Creative Writing Contest and All-County/NYSSMA music initiatives. Arts in Education focuses on supporting school-day opportunities for students in the area of the fine and performing arts. Environmental Education focuses on supporting school-day opportunities for students in the areas of environmental appreciation and awareness, sustainability, and other environmental issues or problems.
Patti Oates- Senior Account Clerk Typist (poates@tstboces.org)
This person supports Coordinators and Specialists with workshop preparation and follow-up; processes professional development stipends and maintains SIS supplies; creates Purchase Orders; assists the team in other ways, as needed.
Jane O’Brien - School Library System Coordinator (jobrien@tstboces.org)
Jane collaborates with the region’s teacher librarians, their library collection development, information literacy curricula, and related automation (Follett Destiny Union Catalog) located in each library. In addition, she works with technology staff in both BOCES and the districts to ensure students, teachers, and parents are able to locate and access online databases, print, and nonprint resources that support teaching and learning. She provides professional development aligned to school library topics and automated library catalogs.
Allison Peet - Mathematics Instructional Specialist (asitts@tstboces.org)
I am responsible for planning and implementing a customized, professional development service for component school districts in the area of mathematics. My efforts are focused on the current transition to the Common Core Learning Standards, including curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
Kimberly Skinner - Service Specialist, Youth Development ( kskinner@tstboces.org; Youth Development Wiki)I am assigned to Boynton MS 3 days per week. During those days I facilitate small groups and meet with students individually to discuss problems, work on specific social skills and provide support as needed. I teach safety lessons at the elementary schools, provide group lessons for other districts upon request, and I provide professional development specifically for DASA and FISH.
Carolyn L. Tschanz - Administrative Assistant for School Improvement Services & the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction (ctschanz@tstboces.org) The School Improvement Services Administrative Assistant assists the districts in providing materials, consultants, etc. for district professional development; provides administrators with SIS specific information about budgets, substitute reimbursements, and workshop attendance data; supports the Healthy Schools NY Grant and the Teaching is the Core Grant; serves as the contact person for NYSED Regional Center # 65 at TST BOCES. The School Improvement Services Administrative Assistant supports both the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services and district administrators with utilizing the various COSERs that comprise the School Improvement Services Department, including teacher professional development, Model Schools, Library Services, Cooperative Enrichment, Youth Development Services, and MyLearningPlan.
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