Regional Priorities 2015 - 2015
1F - Designing Student Assessment– page 15
Good teaching requires both assessment of learning and assessment for learning.

2B - Establishing a Culture for Learning– page 20
“A culture for learning” refers to the atmosphere in the classroom that reflects the educational importance of the work undertaken by both students and teacher.

3B - Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques– page 31
Questioning and discussion are the only instructional strategies specifically referred to in the framework for teaching; this reflects their central importance to teachers’ practice.

3D - Using Assessment in Instruction– page 36
Assessment of student learning plays an important role in instruction; no longer does it signal the end of instruction; it is now recognized to be an integral part of instruction.

4E - Growing and Developing Professionally– page 50
As in other professions, the complexity of teaching requires continued growth and development, in order to remain current.

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